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Participants at this site of the ARIC study were sampled from throughout Forsyth County. Detailed maps of the county were used, and households were selected at random (by chance) with specified chances for each household to be chosen. Study personnel conducted home interviews, and eligible residents were invited to participate in the examination and follow-up for this study. The 4056 residents who agreed to participate were examined in the Forsyth County ARIC Field Center, Winston-Salem, North Carolina, beginning in 1987 and every three years until December 1999. Annual telephone contact continues and the response of the ARIC Study participants remains very positive. We hope to continue our partnership with our study participants to study ways in which we can prevent chronic diseases in this, and future generations.

Over the course of the study, ARIC at Forsyth has been fortunate to have a very competent and dedicated staff. The ARIC interviewers who contact the ARIC study participants are listed below.
Pamela Williams
Pamela Williams is the supervisor in charge of ARIC Annual Follow-Up. She keeps track of our ARIC participants, trains and certifies our staff of interviewers, and makes annual follow-up telephone calls. Pamela has been with ARIC since 1993 and she probably interviewed you during your last clinic clinic visit. Pamela Williams also worked with the Family Heart Study and the HyperGEN Study.

Ms. Williams can be reached at: 336-716-6181 -- Email
Bobbie Cook
Bobbie Cook is an interviewer for the ARIC Study. Ms. Cook has been with ARIC since 1988. Bobbie may have come to your home during the recruitment phase of the study, or interviewed you at one of your ARIC exam visits. Bobbie is one of the certified interviewers who make annual follow-up telephone calls to participants. Bobbie also worked on the Family Heart Study.

Ms. Cook can be reached at: 336-713-4218 -- Email
Artie Fulmer
Ms. Fulmer is one of the certified interviewers who make annual follow-up telephone calls to participants. Artie joined ARIC in 2008, after extensive experience in the Cardiovascular Health Study. Many of you have been interviewed by now by Ms. Fulmer.

Ms. Fulmer can be reached at: 336-713-5198 -- Email
Rebecca Fussell
Ms. Fussell is the study secretary for ARIC at Forsyth County. Rebecca works behind the scenes on those letters and greetings cards you receive from ARIC. When you authorize ARIC to contact your provider of medical care, Ms. Fussell is the person who does this on behalf of ARIC.

Ms. Fussell can be reached at: 336-718-8888 -- Email