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Currently close to 1240 publications that reference the ARIC study are publicly available in a variety of scientific journals. Many additional technical reports have been distributed by ARIC to government and public health agencies. This means that the information you have given us over the years keeps helping the scientific community to work on important health issues.

ARIC Scientists, March 2010, San Francisco, CA
Most of the scientists working on ARIC study data are in the United States, at the universities that run the ARIC study. Once all information that can identify an individual participant in the ARIC study has been removed, ARIC data are also available to qualified expert scientists at other institutions, which span from many sites in the U.S. to Canada, Brazil, Australia, Singapore, and the United Kingdom among others. The value of the information you provided as a member of the ARIC study is so great that scientists all over the world are now working with us to learn how to prevent chronic disease.

You can find a list of the on this website under the Contributions section and Publications tab. Here we would like to highlight a few studies in the last few months which shed light on stroke, hypertension, and atherosclerosis.