ARIC Diabetes Risk Calculator

This risk assessment tool uses information from
the ARIC Study. This tool is designed for white
or african american adults (age 45 to 64 years)
who do not have diabetes, to predict a person's
chance of developing diabetes over the next nine
years. To find your risk, enter your information in
the calculator below then click the Calculate button.
The blood draw for the glucose (sugar) and
triglycerides measurements needs to have been
taken after at least 8 hours fasting.




Parent(s) had diabetes ?




HDL (Good Cholesterol) mg/dl

Systolic Blood Pressure mm/Hg

Fasting Glucose (mg/dl)

Triglycerides (mg/dl)

Waist (inches)

Height (feet/inches)

Feet Inches

This means that on average 0 of 100 people with your values for
the risk factors shown on the left develop diabetes in the next 9 years.

To protect your health, your risk factor values should be:
Triglycerides (fasting) less than 220 mg/dL, HDL Cholesterol
greater than 40 mg/dL, Systolic Blood Pressure less than
120 mm Hg, Glucose (fasting) less than 110 mg/dL, and waist
less than 35 in. for women and less than 40 in. for men.  You can
find useful information about healthy lifestyles, risk factors
for diabetes at:

This risk assessment tool is not intended as medical advice
or to suggest treatment. The ARIC study investigators recommend
that you consult with your physician or other healthcare
professional for advice.

For details see:

Schmidt MI, Duncan BB, Bang H, Pankow JS, Ballantyne CM, Golden SH,
Folsom AR, Chambless LE. Identifying individuals at high risk
for diabetes: the Atherosclerosis Risk in Communities study.
Diabetes Care 2005 Aug;28:20013-18. (Click here)